ABOUT CancerNewsToday

“It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” – Clay Shirky

No single site out there has ALL the information you need to fight or prevent cancer. No one site ties together the best mainstream treatment concepts, research breakthroughs, alternative and complementary integrative help, support and side effect management issues, financial pearls, motivational and inspirational pages, and so on. It’s just not out there. That is where CancerNewsToday steps up to the plate. Think of us as the go-to site which answers the question “what is going on” in all areas of cancer care that would be of interest to you, the patient,  the family member…the care-giver.

You do not have time to scrounge the web looking for useful tid-bits of info that might or might not be legitimate. You are busy fighting cancer, helping someone fight cancer, are a survivor trying to keep that disease-free status or trying to prevent cancer. You need the facts, the best stuff, RIGHT NOW! CancerNewsToday picks out the best of the best and let’s you focus on you life while we update you daily.

Our pledge to you is that we will tirelessly continue to seek out the best cancer-related information and add it to CancerNewsToday. While we do not control the presses of all information sources out there, we are adding quality filters to the feeds we provide.

This site is owned and operated by an oncologist/surgeon who practices integrative oncology, bringing you the very best in terms of a balanced viewpoint sprinkled in between the various information loaded links, feeds and posts.

PS. You may have visited us before, but clearly something NEW is afoot! We are under new management, so pardon the construction and visit often!